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FS: ibook 12" 1.2ghz , 1.25gb ram and 80gig hdd

Comes with 10.5 leopard installed, office, creative suite 2, i might install 3, macromedia suite 8, emulators, roms,extensis situcase fusion, toast, everything you need for design work as well as to jerk around. wifi G and bluetooth 2.0 onboard as well, 9.5/10 in terms of shape next to no scratching, box, soft carrycase, charger, battery lives 4hrs+ ( depending on cpu settings and screen brightness) about 2.5hrs on max drain. Dvd/cdrw combo drive. Next to no wear and tear, also has original restore cds. Asking $800 O.B.O. shoot an offer, thanks.

Pics to come!
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