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HELP - engine making funny noises


I have noticed a noise coming from the front of my engine, The sound seems to be coming from the area of the valvecover where the timing chain is the car is a:

4/93 325is M50 engine Manual

it sounds like the timing chain is loose and slapping around inside, if i put my hand on the part immediately to the right of the valve cover, approximately 3-4 inches from the upper timing chain sproket to the right looking towards the rear of the car i can feel vibrations that are in synch with the noise coming more from that part then the valve cover. sorry i will try and identify the part more clearly

other then the sound, the car is runnign great, it starts it runs, dosnt smoke stutter or use more oil, so there is nothing to be analyzed in that regards i think.

so if anyone know what it could be or where to start would be greatly appreciated. even though this is hard to say, but shoudl ibe driving right now or should i ground the care to avoid potential engine blowup if the timing chain goes.

thanks in advance

EDIT: found a picture of the piece thats making the noise, on page 6 the second picture down has it in view, its between the two blue arrows, right next to the valve cover, the cylindrical looking thing with the two torx screws facing the observer, sorry for not being more clear :-)


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