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I know that I have to take the car in to program it to the climate control... I am most positive I burned something else up trying to get the old climate control to work... The defrost and floor vents went out as I was messing with repairing the old one... Is there a fusible link or some kind of relay that is between the climate control and the actual gears that switch from passenger, defrost and floor venting? Also what does the black strip that has a three prong teminal that plugs into the back of the climate control do?
The only problem with not programming it from what I know is that I have to read Celsius instead of Fahrenheight etc. Thanks... Yes I read that thread... I accidently scraped off the leads to the capacitor and gave up after 5 try's trying to solder the leads back into the circuit board... ooops
I have the complete KSD and ETM bmw electronic troubleshooting manuals on cd but have trouble running the discs on my computer. Thought someone might know right off hand...
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