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e-36 climate control problems...

Ok I had the usual problem with the climate control going out and tried to replace the capacitor in the board and rushed it resulting in me having to buy a new one from the dealer... I did in fact try the climate control I repaired and think I burned something out...(Im hating you guys that did it on the first try) I know I have to take the car in to program the new climate control but the closest bmw dealer is a couple of hours away... The problem is that the heat and the ac works but i cannot get it to defrost or floor heat it just keeps blasting throught the normal vents... I am figuring that I blew something out that actually moves the vents from defrost to normal to floor... Any suggestions? Its getting cold and the windows are fogging up pretty bad which sucks and makes me feel like Im driving a busted car when it isnt, very irritating when you are out on a date... 97 e36 328i
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