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somewhat agree

i somewhat agree with you, when i had my e30, i had a lot more love for the car and sport of all the shit that broke on that car it never left me stranded!! my rear subframe cracked on me, drove it like that for 2 weeks until i was finally free, took me a day to do, but i did it, front crossmember went to shits, drove around with the motor sitting on my tie rods for about a week, until i had time to change it, after all the times i spent fixing that car, i loved it, i trusted it, and i had the time of my life driving it!!!

then i got my e36, ive never drifted it, done a burn out, nothing! the e36's are a completely different car! somewhere inbetween e30 and e36, a lot of the fun and quality was lost!!!

i dont care what anyone says, i had my spings chopped almost in half on the e30, and i loved it, i drove the hell out of that car, and it never gave up on me!!!
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