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These door locks are driving me nuts!

Seriously....I keep searching and people seem to have similar problems with no certain solution or no idea where to start.

I have a 4-door 1992 325i.

The back doors will not open.

The front doors will only open with the key in each side. (i.e. I have to use the key from the outside to open both the driver side and the passenger side door).

The back doors do not open at all....not from the outside, not from the inside, not if i pull the handles twice on the inside, not while holding up the pin and pulling the handle. NOTHING.

I need to open the back doors.

I cant really take the door skins off without being able to open the doors.

If theres some easy way around this (i.e. drilling, cutting, hammering, crying) let me know. Can I weld the door pin to the lock or something? I need to get these damn back doors open.

I know somebody has to have had this similar problem.

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