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Originally Posted by Swizzle View Post
Hello Everybody!
I am looking to upgrade my stock bottlecaps (with motomaster tires!) on my '89 325i. I've slowly been getting edumucated on the whole rim thing, like probably ? not a good idea to go for that $1500 set of ADR 17s with tires, due to general crappiness.

Right now I am considering the 16' enkei rf-1. Almost local for 500 dollars with 2 tires. From the Ad: 4X100, 4X114.3. I believe they have a plus 38 offset, and the size is 16X7JJ. 2 tires NEED to be replaced before putting them on a vehicle. The tires on there right now are 205/45R16.

Could I fit 215 tires on there?
Would I need spacers (and how much are spacers)?
weight is 16.5, this is fairly light right??
anything wrong with buying used wheels?
Quality of Enkei, suitable for auto-x?
What do you guys think of that wheel, on an E30?
Does lowering make a difference? I am planning on changing out the stock springs for H&R sports or eibach , just haven't decided yet.
Thanks!!! I know that's a crapload of questions.

the rf-1.

PS. Would really like a set of Alpina wheels, but I sadly dont have that kind of money. trying to keep the whole thing under 1700.
Jesus. It's a good thing I'm at work right now, because if I wasn't getting paid to answer all of this I'd throw a fit.

Alright. Here we go.

Yes, ADRs are fairly cheap wheels.
215/45/16 tires are more than doable; in fact 225/45/16 is an option.
Spacers are necessary. 15mm is perfect.
16.5 is fairly light for a 16x7.
Wheels are a wear item, but if they are all straight you should be fine.
Enkei makes high quality wheels. Auto-x worthy for sure.
I've never heard of this wheel on an E30. Definitely not my cup of tea, but if you like it that's what matters.
Yes lowering makes a huge difference. Stay away from Eibachs. For more suspension advice search the forum.

For cheap Alpinas, look at Those replicas are offered in 15", 16", and 17" for our cars, and any of them will look 100000x better than those Enkeis. Plus they don't need spacers.

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