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Hello Everybody!
I am looking to upgrade my stock bottlecaps (with motomaster tires!) on my '89 325i. I've slowly been getting edumucated on the whole rim thing, like probably ? not a good idea to go for that $1500 set of ADR 17s with tires, due to general crappiness.

Right now I am considering the 16' enkei rf-1. Almost local for 500 dollars with 2 tires. From the Ad: 4X100, 4X114.3. I believe they have a plus 38 offset, and the size is 16X7JJ. 2 tires NEED to be replaced before putting them on a vehicle. The tires on there right now are 205/45R16.

Could I fit 215 tires on there?
Would I need spacers (and how much are spacers)?
weight is 16.5, this is fairly light right??
anything wrong with buying used wheels?
Quality of Enkei, suitable for auto-x?
What do you guys think of that wheel, on an E30?
Does lowering make a difference? I am planning on changing out the stock springs for H&R sports or eibach , just haven't decided yet.
Thanks!!! I know that's a crapload of questions.

the rf-1.

PS. Would really like a set of Alpina wheels, but I sadly dont have that kind of money. trying to keep the whole thing under 1700.

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