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next summer im going to have this vehicle lowered
im also gonna put on 16 inch or 17 in bbs or ssr style rims

the belt doesnt like my neck so i put the shoulder pads on for the gap between the belt and my neck

wtf is a shamis/revshot

yes its standard and its sick haha

the sunroof....damage it flew off while i was driving. so now im looking for a replacement before shitter wether hits...if not im just ognna put a clear plastic and silicon it during the winter

and yea the idling is a real issue i was head south on 410 from mayfield to queen...there was traffic jam becaus some dumbass fell off the bridge or sumthing like that...and just inching through the traffic my temp went straight to the red zone...i had to pop my hood on the highway hoping that would do something. i cut off a car infront of like 10 cops just to get moving to cool down the temps

and thanks for the nice comments fellaz
R.I.P. E30

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