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Originally Posted by Level8Drumme View Post
Well, I got those 205/60R14's to fit on my bottlecaps. But I'm thinking I want to go with some 16 inch wheels and the biggest stickiest (non-r compound) rubber I can find that will fit without spacers or fender rolling.

My E30 has got H+R springs and Bilstein Sport shocks (SpecE30 suspension). What 16 inch wheel size could I fit at what offset? What (light and cheap) wheels will fit the bill without spacers? Where do I get em? And what size tires (wider is better) will fit?

Wow, that's a lot of questions. Any suggestions guys?

Charleston, SC
Fastest 16" street setup without any fender mods and spacers:

16x8 Rota Slipstreams, custom ordered in ET20 57.1mm CB. is the sole supplier of these. No spacers, no rings, not very heavy (17.x lbs), wide.

215/45/16 Falken RT-615. Absolute fastest street tire currently out. Yokohama Neova is very very close, but the RT-615 is still champion. Worst case scenario a very light roll on the rear quarters.

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