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Originally Posted by propr'one View Post
I'm sure shifting without the clutch does wear your synchro's, however, if you do it well, although you probably wont get it quite bang on, it will be close enough such that it minimizes the wear on your synchro's.

i shift without the clutch every once in a while when i'm too lazy to move my left foot.
Please don't confuse minimized with minimal. No matter how close you get it, if you're not exactly right, that little difference is not a question of changing the momentum of two relatively small sticks and a clutch disk but rather changing the RPM of an engine. That is a load the syncros were never designed for and they will fail many times faster than if you simply use the clutch and let them do the job they are designed for. It's the difference between a transmission that lasts 500k+ withour a rebuild, and one that doesn't go into gear at 200k.
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