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Originally Posted by INFAMOU$ View Post
i shift mine without the clutch all the time.. as long as you rev match you're fine..
No you are not. You will never match the revs perfectly and you are abusing your syncros every time you do this. I know it doesn't feel like it to you but that's because for now, they are helping you out. In time you won't be able to get into gear at all, clutch or not - the same mechanism that is designed to help you engage the gear will prevent you from doing it. The reason you can get away with clutchless shifting on a non-syncro box is because the windows for the dogs on the gears are wider than they need to be to allow some error, and there are no syncros to wear out to fix your inaccuracy.

Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post
Really, so syncros have nothing to do with synchronizing the gears so they mesh cleanly?

The input shalf has gears on the end of it, that meshes with the gear you select, which in term meshes with the gears on the output shalf.
No they don't and no it doesn't. The gears are always meshed (unless you want to talk about 80 year old transmissions). The only thing the syncros do is syncronize the speed of the half shaft (and lay shaft if you want to get all anal) so the dogs can engage with the already meshed gear.
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