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22"x9.5" Dub Moguls 285/40/22 CRAZY DEAL!!

22”x9.5 Dub Mogul wrapped in Falken Ziex 285/40/22. These rims are 6x139.7 I believe (I need to double check the offset) If your a 6 bolt they more than likely fit your ride. They fit almost 80% of the trucks/suv’s on the roads excluding some. These rims were bored to fit more applications (which was around $400 I payed straight to the manufacturer) so I can tell you if they will fit what you drive.

You won’t find many people with these rims because of how much money they cost and the amount of effort it takes to have them shipped here. They have a deep lip which turns heads at every intersection (that’s a promise)

Each rim was close to $900/each and the tires were around $645/each. I have a receipt from when I purchased them for $5900 give or take a couple dollars.

They were bought brand new in April of 2006 and have had roughly 5-6k driven on them (barely used!).

*Rims come complete with Mcguiars wheel lock set/bolts*

The first 4 pictures are of the actual rims on my old 4runner.. the other ons are just some samples.

PM me for more info or email me at:

Thanks guys!
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