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Originally Posted by BigD
Ok I can't contain it anymore... can someone finally explain to me why these engines can't put down big numbers? I've seen 1000hp out of the S62, and 1100hp out of an S38 that was mutated to hell and back. But why is it that people can get 800+hp out of a 3 liter Toyota engine on stock internals? What is so special about those engines and why can't people put down the same claims with BMWs without working on the motor from the ground up - at which point the japs can dyno a 2 liter at 1000 as we just saw, or 2.5 liter at 1200hp etc...
card counter's 328 from bf.c made 690whp on completely stock internals, but it was also on race gas.

Anyway, I really think it all comes down to R&D. Japanese market is much more tuner friendly. I mean just think about it, there is only a handful of tuners for BMW out there, and a couple that use FI. The thing is, would you wanna drive a 1000whp 2.0l car? It is impressive though.
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