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Angry DILEMMA - booking places when under 21

hey and my buddies were planning on a little graduation thing since we are graduating this year

well anyways we decided to go to wasaga beach but we are all 17, 18 and 19 years old and you have to be 21 to book at the place we want and prolly all the other places...

i have been emailing the resort several times telling them that our parents hav agreed to book it and that we are mature young adults and that we are only gonna be there to sleep and shower and they just wrote back that they can't make an exception to this...b ut im gonna let my mom call them and since she iss a good "pursuade/arguer" (sp?) i will let her do it...

so my question is...
how can we get to wasaga and book there?
have you guys ever done anything good to get your room/place?
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