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Originally Posted by HoldenC
That step refers to a sealant. Sealants are a synthetic product designed for great durability. Typical durability of a sealant ranges from 3-6 months. They can be engineered to shine, however the "look" is greatly inferior to a natural carnauba wax. Consequently, many users of sealants apply a topper coat of carnauba to add depth.
Sealants are modern 'waxes' are engineered to bond to the surface and last for months. Carnauba wax in any brand or form is a natural product and will only last for weeks (maybe 3-5 weeks) on a daily use car. Salt in winter will remove Carnauba right away.

My proven "Combo" is Klasse AIO + 3 coats of SG (Acrylic) then S100 (Carnauba)wax applied every 3 weeks. Phenomenal on the 354 silver. I get 6+ months of protection from the Klasse and the added gloss of the S100 which is the easiest paste wax I have ever used (mind you it smells like funeral candles).
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