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Originally Posted by statik
Well it turns out it doesn't have the good water pump impeller. I was heading out for the first time after getting my safety, feeling great, driving on the 417 up the hill out of Kanata. I looked down and saw the temp. gauge light on. I shut down the engine and coasted all the way off an onramp, I wasn't far from home so I got it back over the course of an evening, driving 1KM at a time so the things didn't get to hot. I think I caught it fast enough not to cause any damage. I took out the rad, thermostat and water pump. It turns out the plastic impepeller was in two pieces and no longer attached to the pump. The new one comes in this week, ordering from bavauto, going down to ogdensburg to pick up the order.

Hoping to have it back together before next weekend. Sucks to see the new car off the road so soon...
Don't forget to check that oil closely for signs of coolant...It still concerns me that the coolant was back-flowing out the tank...because if the impeller was completely disconnected then there would be no way for the coolant to flow, in which case something else would have to have been pressurizing the system, just make sure it's not the HG.
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