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Advice to sell or not to sell my car...

Hey guys, so last October i purchased a 2000 328I e46 and iv had an amazing time with it thus far. the problem is I'm going off to university in Ottawa next year and am having a large debate over whether or not ill be able to afford the car if/when trouble occurs. I'm getting it rust proofed this week for the winter but is that enough to ensure about 4 years out of my car?

iv narrowed it down to a few options.
1. keep the car keep paying high insurance, and do all preventive measures to ensure i can keep my beloved car!
2. sell the e46 for the est value of 16-18 k then buy a e36 for around 6-7 k and drop about 5 more k to ensure its life, followed by keeping 5k for myself.
3. sell the car and buy a winter car possibly an e30 or not a bmw for my university life but not have the luxury of driving these great machines!

I'm stuck with this decision and just seeking some input what do you guys think i should do?

Thanks in Advanced
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