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Originally Posted by Bimmer4ever
He had a mark D chip. and they were travelling on high speed not from 0/km to 100/km. 540 has a V8 which makes it really heavy and if we are talking about 0-100. for sure m3 beats it. But it is NOT, I have raced a 540 from 0-100 and 80/km-200km. I won the frist one with my frist bimmer , a e36 325is with nothing but a CAI. but lost real bad on the second race. 540 is heavier, but stronger, and when you talk about high speed race, BMW V8 OWNS.

LOL see, just by reading this thread we can say, E36 325 is faster than M5.
How I came up to this conclusion?

E46 M3 is as fast as M5, 540 is faster than M3 and since e36 325 is faster than 540 we can say that e36 325 is faster than E39 M5.

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