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Originally Posted by ZiMMie
500/1 will be to small to pwr a pair of 10W7's.
also the 500/1 pwr is under rated and its overpriced.
it usually benched @ 575MS-669RMS @ 14.4V/4ohms
which is more then enough to blow ur current subs if u have the right wiring.

BTW if u wanna give the sony amp away, ill gladly take it off ur hands.
I don't have a Sony amp, I was going to buy one at CT for cheap. Instead opted for this route. I think it's a soundstream 1000W peak, paid $50 for it. If I was in T.O. I'd be more then happy to give it to you. If you know anyone coming to Ottawa let me know and I can give it to them.

as for the 10W7's, I know I read into that and I would need a second 500/1, I really can't afford all that stuff right now, plus I would need to upgrade my front componets and my rear speakers But it's so tempting.

I also have 2 other Orion subs at home that I know can handle this type of power but the box is too big to fit in our E36's.. E30 no problem the opening is big enough.

328IScreamer: I'm liking your setup, I might have to copy it lol. Do you have the RBC-1? I can't find anyone in Ottawa that carries it..Would someone in Toronto have one? and EBAY is about $40-50USD Shipped...

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