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Thanks guys... means a lot. This car has been a work in progress for 2 years. You wouldn't believe how much effort has gone into it so far.

RE: who did it and how much?

While I can afford to pay someone to do the work, I have purposely tried to do the majority of the work on my own with the help of my long time girlfriend, who (luckily for me) likes to work on my E34 and E30 with me. That way I get the satisfaction of saying "I did that".

This was my first time doing any painting or fabrication like that. I actually built a homemade "poor man's" downdraft spray booth for this project inside my garage. Made of heavy plastic (wrapped the whole room), 2 box fans, a lot of furnace filters, and florescent lights from the surplus store. Then had the paint mixed and sprayed it myself with an HVLP spray gun. Wet sanded 1000/1200/1500, then heavy cut polish, then polish, then swirl remover, etc.

Re: how long?

The preparation of the bumpers and Eurostyle parts took me about a week of nights. (fill, sand, prime, repeat, etc). There was some trial and error, and a few disasters with learning to spray which required resanding etc.

The preparation of the car, removal of bumpers, and original front valence, slotting the rear bumper shock mounting holes took most of a Saturday.

The fabrication /grafting of the rear valence onto the bumper took a full night (not including prep and paint).

The installation of the front valence, front bumper, lip, lights, moldings, plates, side skirts, rear apron and some touch up painting took us 1.5 days spread over 3 evenings working methodically (we hadn't ever done something like that before)

Re: the black molding...

I hear you Fil. I get good comments, bad comments. I'm on the fence with it. The car needs contrast that's why I left the bumper moldings and side molding black.... maybe someone can photoshop the lower molding white for me to see what it looks like?

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