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Cabby Project: plastic bumper conversion + Eurostyle MtechII.. DONE!

After having the parts sitting in my shop for over a year, I finally finished the plastic bumper conversion and installation of Eurostyle's MtechII goodies and Infinity lip. It was no small feat on a cabby, which has larger rockers, and no rear apron to attach the mtech apron to.

For those with an early model doing a plastic bumper conversion, the rear apron has to be attached to the bumper. I had to do some fabrication to make it work, which included trimming the top lip of apron to make it fit flat with the bottom of the bumper, screwing the two together from the inside, making brackets at the ends to stop lateral movement, and fibreglassing the two parts together on the inside. It was a pain in the ass but it came out "ok".

This was my first time ever doing any fabrication or painting... I should have blocked the apron when I prepped it for paint as you can see some undulation in it if you look carefully. Fil's product is very good so there isn't any obvious issue, just poor prep on my part. The car will be painted later this year so this is a temporary measure; it will be tidied up when it gets resprayed.

There's lots of details yet to finish and I know it's far from perfect, but I like it. Next up is the M30 swap...

Mods so far:

- 5 speed conversion
- H&R / Bilstein suspension
- z3 SSk
- E46 M3 RSM
- Personalized gauge faces
- Infinity Components, alpine head, 10" Sub
- 4300k HID conversion
- 17" Wheels w/215-40-17 tires
- Deleted side markers
- Smoked front indicators
- Plastic bumper conversion
- Eurostyle mtechII rear apron
- Eurostyle mtechII side skirts
- Eurostyle infinity lip




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