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Originally Posted by bmdbley'sBro
oh what happened to yours??

Lee you owe my bro & I a ride when its 'operational'
Throwout bearing blew all it's ball barings out, then used the output shaft as a bearing wrecking it.

So since all apart for that and never liked the e36 tranny's gearing from day one (tried it with 3 different diff ratios 2:93, 3:45, 3:91) decided to go with a E30 tranny instead. Then the list got larger.... Then I wanted a single mass fly wheel, upgraded to a stronger clutch, new slave cylinder and while all is apart decided to due some overdue mainanence like change the guibo, centre support bearing, injector seals and well, now also have to change out the starter to go with my new flywheel, linkage ect...

Hopefully will be back together by the end of this weekend and see what #'s come out on that Dyno.
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