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i love em all but here are some top ones in no particular order(it all depends on the time of day)

coke(has to be on ice or else it's no good i don't know why either)

vanilla coke(also has to be on ice)


chocholate milk

mocha valencia coffee(starbucks)

water(i drink about 10L/day believe it or not)the drink of drivers

hong kong style tea(i guess...i just call it tea n milk does it have to be condensed???)

dr pepper



iced tea

cantalope flavour bubble tea(i won't have it anyother way and you can't convince me otherwise)

orange juice

cranberry juice

welches grape juice but watered down cause it's to sweet straight

fruit punch

pear juice(you guys have to pour it in an 8 oz cup and fill the rest with water) (bimmermafia you can get it from brioni)


BRIO (for those of you who have never heard of it RUN to your local gracery store and get some NOW!!!)

to tired to type more tommorow

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