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Originally Posted by jonny_blaze
Hey guys you should check out the olive tree cafe while your here, its right next to Axxe's work (his recomendation, always trust a fa...i mean big guy with food recomendations )

Or maybe we should all go to Hoooooooooooodoooooooo Mcfiggins and check out the sexy waitress there..maybe she figured out what goes in the Greek salad by now lol eh georgie?
Hey Jon Axxe recommend it. Whos that ? Is that the guy who was talking about moose bumpers !!!! You where going to call him a fag ??

Axxe I dont know buddy.

Hoodoo yeah she was as smart as a bag of hammers !!! "guys should I come back because I am really busy here"

Charlie: "Yes can I get a greek salad with no onions, a burger with no onions and pickels and fries"

Waitress: "Here you go sir your salad with onions and sour cream, our burger with extra onions and pickels and oops I forgot your fries"

RETARD !!!! She needs to sit in the corner starring at the multi coloured you know what !!!!! CHARLIE JONNY !!!!!!!!!!!
Its all about rolling in the X5 !!!

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