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You know, when I was that age I got caught up in the game about then. I was husslin' at about 16 yrs. old and never looked back. I've been through so many setbacks and pitfalls it ain't even funny any more (not like it ever was!). Take it from me youngsta, if you still ain't been soaked up, please don't ever. I can definately contribute my delinquency to "gettin down wit da douja". It was curtains ever since. I am speakin' solely for myself on that one. Everyone else, I am lettin' you all know now, someone post a "who got da bomb chronic" thread soon. Believe me, I will get my ass a digicam and show you just exactly what I get a hold of down yonder, holla back!
So what if I'm alwayz sidewayz....
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