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Originally Posted by hadesm5
thats funny, i'm gonna do the same exact thing soon, change tan to grey! thanks for the pic, they'll definately help. looks good too
ah, glad to be of help.
it sure looks nicer, thanks.

Originally Posted by calegrant
Wait what? There's more to your posts than your sig?

Originally Posted by Soldo
Was the heated seat retrofit tough to do?
Do i need the carpet out in order to do it all?
nope, it's very easy, did it to my other iC without removing carpet.
you can use a wire hanger to fish-out the harness.

- remove seats
- remove Parking brake console, holes are same size as power window switch ones., there may be marking on underside, check for them.
- remove shifter console,
- remove driver side rocker panel cover

push down connector towards seats area,
DO NOT RUN IT ACROSS/UNDER SEAT RAILS (don't ask how i know )
connectors should come out through heater vent area under seats.
same goes for both side.

fish-out/run rest of harness towards rocker panel, lift that side of rug, zip tie harnesses, lead it towards speaker, then up towards power bloc..

it's pretty easy, really.

this picture gives you general idea of how the main harness runs under it all, notice that there's nothinh between seats mounting points. keep t that way ...

e30 parts bin

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