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S/C tuning progress

I installed an RMS kit this spring (bought from Max forum). The instructions from RMS were total crap, but my father-in-law and I muddled through it. As some of you may have seen at the April BMWCC school, I had to remove the drivers headlight (depo) because the projector housing was to deep - that's about where the the MAF sits. Any thoughts on this? I was thinking of moving the MAF further down and fabricating something to fit behind the headlight...

Anyways, the kit I bought did not come with a chip. The S/C is currently installed on a 93 2.5L OBD1 motor. I put the stock chip back in and the car ran ok - but not well. After a couple of calls I started working with MarkD on some custom tuning. We are still working through a couple of things, but overall the car is running great. We went out for a couple of spins last night, with several updates made on-the-fly. No dyno time so I can't give you quantitative numbers - but I've driven plenty of cars and I'd say this is much faster than a NA E36 M3. Not up to e46 M3 power though. Somewhere in between. That will change soon though!
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