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Originally Posted by windwagen
That's strange, I averaged 21 mpg city highway, and got low 30 if it's pure highway....which is better than the POS Magnumb 2.7 I drive now!!!
Did you actually calculate this (ie full tank, reset trip odo, drive, refill, divide)? Or are you guys going by the OBC? I mean the OBC isn't even close to accurate, it's an integral of an inaccurate value (gas tank level, which I haven't seen an accurate reading from since a 1950's ford truck with a barrel for a fuel tank).

Here's the official Gov't rating:

Quick google search, Motor Trend averaged 18.

You're right though, Jay. The EPA rating it had was 18/24, in the link above they say they've adjusted their older ratings to match the new measuring standard (I guess they made it more real world).
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