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Final Update:

Bimmian has already packaged up all of the items for those that have paid. They even packaged up everyone's order individually and put their max user name on the package to make sorting out the delivery easier.

PMs have been sent to those that need to arrange individual pickup.

For those that have paid your items will be available at the Wasaga Cruise meeting spots (see the meets section for times and locations). If you've made other arrangements with either Hound or myself you will get your items at the arranged time.

The group buy is closed. Feel free to ask questions if you have them ... unless your question is "can I be added to the group buy?", because the answer to this question will be no.

Thanks again to everyone participating. I hope you enjoy your new found bling. Thanks especially to Hound for taking care of the pickup/delivery, I think we all owe him a beer, maybe spread out over time, when he's not driving, he's a big guy, but 16 beers might be slightly over the legal limit!

See y'all soon.
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