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Originally Posted by Hound
Mark, I have a question for you, I am seriously looking at a turbo setup for my car, up until Dave (98Dinan3) told me about your potential kit I was going to proly go the TCD route Stage 2 ~400 in change HP. Is there a posibility that you would consider doing a Turbo Kit for the M30? I would much rather have the ability to be able to have you closer for any issues that could arise rather then have to be in touch with the guys down in Ohio. Plus they would need the car for a week but it's all the way down there, whereas up here is much more cost effective.

If you would consider it, what price would I be looking at and what kind of power #'s? Also would there be an exaust with this or is that up to the individual?
I don't want to compete with Todd in the M30 arena. The market is too small.
Why not buy the complete kit from TCD, and ask your favourite BMW garage to install it, then I'll tune it up as long as it just has a Motronic on it.

I was planning on using my friend Rudy Graf to do installs later but he doesn't have time right now. I can still tune the car on his dyno.
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