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Smile Order Submitted!

It definitely was nice to put a few faces to the names! Thanks to all of those who came out to the payment meet. We had a better turnout than I expected actually, 12 of the 16 people got us their money and thus will be getting their items very soon.

The order has been submitted to Bimmian!! As I stated above, I split the list into two seperate lists.

The first list contains the orders for everyone who has already paid. Hound will be picking these items up on Friday and distributing them at the meeting spots for the Wasaga Cruise this weekend. A few people have made alternate delivery arrangements, so those will be handled as planned.

The second list contains the people (and their items) who will need to arrange their own pickup/payment with Bimmian. Once I hear back from Bimmian I will PM these people to let them know how to proceed (this should be tomorrow).

I'm very tired right now so I'm sure I'm forgetting something. But that is the update thus far. Feel free to ask questions. I will continue to update this thread over the next couple days.

Thanks again to everyone involved!!
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