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Just a reminder that the Group Buy Payment Meet is tonight 8:30-9:30pm at the Yorkdale Mall parking garage. If the rain holds out we will be on the top of the garage, otherwise, second from top level. Not sure yet whether I'll be driving my BMW, but regardless I'll stand outside my car, for those of you that don't know me I'll probably be wearing a brown baseball hat. Hound has graciously offered to help out with this group buy, he will actually be the one that is going to Bimmian to pick up your items ... so, if you don't see me at the meet, feel free to give your cash to Hound as well. Just make sure you tell us who you are!

Please note that the group buy pricing is based on a cash deal ... therefore, you must bring cash for the total amount of your items to the meet. We will not accept, ious, cheques, interac, or credit cards ... well, maybe credit cards, but there will be an approximate 300% markup on the price of your order (I need to spice up my wardrobe! )

At the conclusion of the meet, I will break the list into two, one list will contain the orders of everyone who got us their money tonight. The other list will be of those that will need to arrange pickup with Bimmian themselves. I'll send both lists into Bimmian tonight. Hound will then pick up the qualifying items on Friday and delivery will be at the meeting spots for the Wasaga Cruise this weekend. I will PM everyone who doesn't make it out tonight with instructions of how you need to proceed.

Any other questions feel free to ask.

The group buy is now effectively closed! Thanks to everyone participating! I hope your new accessories bring you and your ride endless joy!!

Most up to date list is below.

1. Seven - Snap in chrome gauge rings for e38 (GRIAA3CYY) $30 - Confirmed

2. marphyin - Interior Xenon light kit for e36 (4door) $50 - Confirmed
- Snap in chrome gauge rings for E36 $30

3. e36is - snap in chrome gauge rings for e36 $30 - Confirmed

4. Hound - Snap in chrome gauge rings for E32 [GRIAA4CYY] $30 - Confirmed

5. mellobudd - Snap in chrome gauge rings for E36 $30 - Confirmed

6. dtthiaga - GRI46ACSY Gauge Rings For E46 Chrome : Snap In : No Glue $30 - Confirmed, to arrange pickup individually
- CLK462SNY OEM Clear Lenses For E46 Sedan 2002 & up Side Lenses (On-line only)
- DCL462FBY Depo Brand Clear Lenses For E46 Sedan 2002-2006 Front Lenses (Black for 325i/330ZHP) $50

7. E46er- snap in silver gauge rings for e46 $30 - Confirmed
- solaris invisible bulbs for e46 $20/pair

8. lukeh - snap in chrome gauge for e36 $30 - Confirmed
- brushed aluminum e-brake handle for e36 $60

9. 98Dinan3- Snap-in chrome rings for e36 $30 - Confirmed
- 16 bulb Xenon kit for E36 coupe. $50

10. propr'one - Snap in SILVER (not chrome) gauge rings for e36.[GRIAA2SYY] $30 - Confirmed
- jet black roundel covers (15$ list) [ROUAAC090] $15

11. cybalan - For E39 | Chrome - Snap In Guage Rings GRIAA3CYY $30 - Confirmed

12. E30 Chrome Snap-In - SKU: GRI301CYY $30 - Confirmed

13. JazzM - CF guage cluster plate (black) if it works with OE clusters that have rings (//M) $45
- CF handbrake handle (black) $65
- alacantra shifter (customer order)
- alacantra handbrake boot (all for Z3 M coupe)(customer order, sorry must be placed on-line)

14. E36 Power - Snap in chrome e36 guage rings $30 - Confirmed
- roundel stickers in black (e36) $15

15. dbworld4k - Snap in SILVER Gauge Rings for E36. $30. - Confirmed

16. n2ozebozz - Snap in chrome e34 gauge rings $30 - Confirmed
- e34 wheel locks $40
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