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Red face Thank you Charlie @ Bimmersport

I went to Bimmersport to check my ****ed up A/C.

Driver's side: cool air Passenger side: warm air

Sun roof, shade: ****ed up. keep makes noise and can't close and open with an one step button. Had to hold it when open/close.

wow Charlie, today I surprised that he checked my car for 3 hours
for A/C. He did actually take out all the parts under the hood.

He is the one who can solve your problems without hassle.

before I go to the bimmersport I brought my cars to many places includes
3 BMW dealers. Only thing I can hear from BMW was I need to pay $120
to see what is causing a problem. wow just check cost $120...

and other mechanics were tried to find out but they didn't give me the answer
but Charlie did.

You can't regret!!

if you got any strange problem of your car, you should call Charlie first to solve the problems.

While I was waiting, me and my gf watched a movie inside the waiting room
lol it was really great!

once again Thank you Charlie and his wife for helping me to have
cooler summer this year
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