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Originally Posted by SickFinga
Mark, low CR pistons is definitely the safest way to go, but they are definitely not required especially for 300hp.
If I remember correctly, this car has about 480rwhp @18psi on stock engine with thicker head gasket.
Also another good example is cardcounter's 328. He ran 650+ rwhp on stock engine with ARP head studs and thicker head gasket. I believe only at 700+ rwhp something gave in.

Hi Vlad,
that's what I thought but I've been hearing some stories of destroyed stock pistons from a few mechanics. I'd like to have a 300 to 350 hp and a 500 hp version using a specially built turbo motor (Metric Mechanic would supply the head etc) but I'm starting to think that there are very few people who would actually spend what even the lower cost system would cost.

I sent you an email a few weeks back, I wanted to talk to you about fine tuning your car since it seems Osh has not helped you out yet. Please call me or PM your number.

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