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Originally Posted by rendered
I like having brand new tires, I dunno, just feel better about having brand new tires every year... its a thing in my head.

my tire shop guy who is also my good friend, made me pay $800 for all new Nexxan N3000's last may 2006.

apparantly they are on backorder now, and I have to wait to get my new ones.

I've owned those $500 each tire ($2000 for all 4) Michelin Pilot Sports, then tried almost as expensive Toyo T1-s...

Let me tell you that the Nexxan's perform every bit as good as these higher priced tires for everyday spirited driving... I dunno what you're smoking but how can you complain when they are a fraction of the price of 1 Pilot sport, or T1-S... I will never buy these over priced POS's again. There's no point. now if I owned a race car, and tracked the car every weekend, I would be investing in higher end tires, but for everyday spirited driving these are every bit as good! not too mention they last helluva lot longer than the pilot sports and t1-s ever did.

Just because they are inexpensive compared to michelin/toyo doesn't make them inferior at all!

please tell me where you got all 4 for $500, cause I'd like to buy right now!

I'll teach you to hijack my thread, bend over (where's my baseball bat) LOL
Like I said I didnt mean to hijack your thread and I ain't smoking shit pal. It was my personal exprience and I think these tires are complete shit and I have every right to say what I want. As for the $500 for 4 tires was a hook up for me so no I can't tell you. Sorry you got ripped off
Its all about rolling in the X5 !!!

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