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Originally Posted by mpower1226
the turbo kit for the 6 cyl no?

To markD,

any plan to include m42 and m44 turbos?
I had considered making a kit for them but it isn't my top priority. The reason is that almost the same kit parts would fit on any M5x/S5x motor, and that covers a lot of cars that are in the 10 to 14 year age range. That's important as I want to maximise the number of cars the kit would work with, to minimise costs.

I'm starting to think there isn't a big enough market for these kits in Canada, I'd have to sell quite a few in the USA also. I also have the feeling that the best way to add FI is with new low CR forged pistons and then the price of the complete system goes way up.

I'll be working on a turbo M42 with one of the Metric Mechanic employees and if that works out well, I may offer a kit for people that don't want a completely rebuilt turbo motor.

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