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Thumbs up for Bimmersport Oil Changes...

Damn... went their for an oil change... came back with a different car! lol... jks. Gave the car to Charlie as usual first thing out of storage, came back with a crazy amount of mods, and the car drives like a dream machine! Jon and Charlie know how to treat your car like gold... Got H&R Race springs from them and had picked up over the winter Bilstein Shocks, M3 Sways, Racing Dynamics Strut Bar, CF Hood, Cosmos CAI, and nice new Reiger Eye lids and Roof spoiler. Got it all installed there, and oil change to top it off. If I hadn't of met Charlie 2 years back, i would have for sure sold my car and regretted it.

Props to Bimmersport and the crew. I always feel welcome there and enjoy just hanging around checking out the sweet rides and meeting most of the Max members I will be posting a quick view of the transformation...
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