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Originally Posted by Furious
price is an interesting variable here Mark, can you be a bit more specific a few things like....

-type of turbo
-size injectors
-are you including wastegate/bov's?
-fuel pump? stock?

it might help us gauge the offer.

It would be a TO3 turbo, but there could be some variations.
The exhaust manifold would most likely be cast.
The injectors would be around 32 lbs, possibly a bit higher
Wastegate is included.
I plan to include an upgraded fuel pump.

I am deciding in the next month or so if I should develop a system to test on my brother's car that could be used as a demo and development testbed.

It would be possible to drop off your car and get it back 5 to 7 days later, completely ready to drive away and with a dyno chart. (I would fine tune each car)

I want to sell the system at a very competitive price, I'll have to do some research to see what other systems go for. If anyone knows what other systems sell for, I'd be interested to know. (I have not checked yet)
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