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Thanks for the info guys.

I was leaning towards 235s. The rarity aspect doesn't bother so much. It's just that I'll have less tire options to choose from as opposed to 225 and 245. I'm not lowered at all and don't envision lowering anytime soon which is why the 245 is still an option re. the rubbing at the front. As I just bought the car, I think I'm going to drive it around for a while prior to making any considerable changes both for financial reasons and to get a better idea of what I feel needs changing. Then again, since it is an old car, those decisions might be made for me in the future (i.e. if the shocks or springs end up needing replacing down the line, I might make the upgrade then). We'll see...

Right, now, I'm looking at wheels and tires and probably the Conforti chip.

But first I need to get it completely looked over to see if anything needs replacing, then I need to run a benchmark dyno in stock form, then the chip, then another dyno to document the changes and then we'll see where I'm at
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