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Optimum tire width for E36?

I just bought a '92 325i and I need to buy new wheels and tires for it (came with winter tires on the OEM wheels so I'll leave that as is for winter and get summer wheels and tires).

My question is this, based on your experiences, what is the optimum tire width for the E36 for a 17 inch wheel (I decided to go with 17s)?

Options are:

- 225/45R17
- 235/40R17 (rarer size so less tires available)
- 245/40R17

All three are within the acceptable 2% margin of error so I'm just wondering if there's a sweet spot for the E36 (e.g. maybe wider isn't better for the car's handling dynamics or maybe it is).

P.S. I also decided to stay non-staggered (i.e. same size all around).

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

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