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M3Pilot 02-10-2002 03:59 PM

E30 M3 v Merc 190E Cosworth
On the way home from my mates I saw a Merc up in front on the dual carridgeway home. I couldn't catch up with him cos the people if front decided not to get out of my way. My turning came up and I though my chance to have a little play had gone. At the end of the slip road there is a set of lights that go onto a roundabout, and guess who is sitting there it's Mr Merc so I lined up beside him and I spy the cossie badge on the back and thought this will be a good one if he wants to play :D
There are 4 sets of light on this roundabout so the light start to turn and the next set is about 100 metres away and there red, so we both go not exactly nailing it but just so we having a little play and we line up again. Do the same thing again but this time I line up behind him. This set is my turn off and it's 2 lanes for a about 1/4 mile then goes into one lane.
The lights turn and he goes and I stick with him, he seems to be giving it some and I'm sticking with him now worries, we hit the two lane and I floor it, pull to the outside and go past him without any trouble, upshift and he's fading fast.
As it goes to the single lane i slow down as it's a slower speed limit and let him catch up. This road ends with another roundabout, so i go to the outside lane and can see he's behind me, slow I slow right down put it in 1st and wait for a nice gap so we can both pull out. We pull out and he's right behind me as I start to go round come to the exit which is a sweeping L/H bend i exit the apex with the car flat, it's just gripping flying round this bend, check the mirror and the gap is opening, I can tell he's really trying this time by how much his car jerks as he shifts.
Into second and he's fading fast, as I see him drive through the soot I've just dumped as I shifted, by 3rd I feel like he give up as I drive off into the distance.
There is another roundabout that the end of this mile long, but I go striaght and he turns left I guess he'd have enough by now.
Notch another one up for the M3.
Just thought I would share my latest kill with you, and this was with my big dent messing up my aerodynamics LOL :p

Slowered318 02-10-2002 05:36 PM

Looks like that M3 is having a hard time catching up to the fast and furrious civic hatchback!

Dirtyman 02-10-2002 11:04 PM

don't mean to sound stupid! but....
i know and seen many Merc 190's but never a cosworth merc!
Is that the AWD or 4WD of benz? or is it a special package?

M3Pilot 02-17-2002 08:32 AM

It was a Merc engine, but Cosworth made the head which is why they get the credit on the back. But this cause a uproar with the Merc people. I don't know if AMG had anything to do with the car.
It wasn't really a match for the M as this one was about 170 BHP and I got to be pushing a good 200 bhp.
They used to race in the same touring car class.
was good all the same I've always want to play against one, mat be he'll want a rematch :D :D :D

Check this link if you want to read more about these cars

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