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ta2423 10-22-2007 09:37 PM

e-36 climate control problems...
Ok I had the usual problem with the climate control going out and tried to replace the capacitor in the board and rushed it resulting in me having to buy a new one from the dealer... I did in fact try the climate control I repaired and think I burned something out...(Im hating you guys that did it on the first try) I know I have to take the car in to program the new climate control but the closest bmw dealer is a couple of hours away... The problem is that the heat and the ac works but i cannot get it to defrost or floor heat it just keeps blasting throught the normal vents... I am figuring that I blew something out that actually moves the vents from defrost to normal to floor... Any suggestions? Its getting cold and the windows are fogging up pretty bad which sucks and makes me feel like Im driving a busted car when it isnt, very irritating when you are out on a date... 97 e36 328i*uzi*

archrival 10-22-2007 11:44 PM

Did you not use the link i posted?
im not sure what you may have screwed up on your old one but chances are your new one needs to be calibrated...and since its a bimmer it probably has to be done at the dealer with a scan tool. Any one else know anything more????

ta2423 10-23-2007 12:39 AM

I know that I have to take the car in to program it to the climate control... I am most positive I burned something else up trying to get the old climate control to work... The defrost and floor vents went out as I was messing with repairing the old one... Is there a fusible link or some kind of relay that is between the climate control and the actual gears that switch from passenger, defrost and floor venting? Also what does the black strip that has a three prong teminal that plugs into the back of the climate control do?
The only problem with not programming it from what I know is that I have to read Celsius instead of Fahrenheight etc. Thanks... Yes I read that thread... I accidently scraped off the leads to the capacitor and gave up after 5 try's trying to solder the leads back into the circuit board... ooops
I have the complete KSD and ETM bmw electronic troubleshooting manuals on cd but have trouble running the discs on my computer. Thought someone might know right off hand...*uzi*

JUS_CRZN 10-23-2007 06:54 AM

I dont think you have to reprogram the climate control. When mine went I found one at a scrap yard and used it for about a week before I fixed mine. I'm driving a 98 328i.

archrival 10-24-2007 10:41 PM


Originally Posted by ta2423 (Post 1069163)
I accidently scraped off the leads to the capacitor and gave up after 5 try's trying to solder the leads back into the circuit board... ooops

why didnt you just get another capacitor then? and try soldering it in?

you dont need to scrape anything. just find the bottom of the capacitor and heat up the leads really really well until the solder melts and pull it out ...slide leads of new one in and solder in

ta2423 10-25-2007 10:43 AM

I was is a hurry and it was the first time I ever messed with a circuit board... My circuit board had the protective coating on it. Then the capacitor I found the leads were bigger than the original and I drilled the holes a little bigger screwing up the circuit board contents... When I find a reasonable junkyard one or ebay one I will buy it... Im still positve I burned out a fusible link or something... Im also finding it very difficult to find out what the black three wire strip to the climate control is for... Bmw is being very difficult to get info from without bringing the car in and spending another 5 bills... Im sure sooner or later I will give up and bite that bullet... Somebody somewhere has to know something....

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