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Krystian 08-15-2007 06:07 PM

Tranny Noise 01 m3
hey guys i have a 01 m3 6speed, and everytime i shift i hear a clonk sound in the back, i checked the fluid in the diff it was overfilled , drained a bit out, no change. still makes the clonk sound , if u sit in the back u can feel it. an ideas, the stealership said those transmissions are loud, but this seems not right to me. help

Soldo 08-15-2007 06:20 PM

To me it sounds like it could be your Rear shock mounts that are worn. Maybe even a guibo/flexdisc.

///MsAniTy 08-15-2007 09:59 PM

If its only when yr going into first gear and reverse then its yr driveshaft making that noise, but if its when shifting no matter what gear then I dont know.

Either way I would get it checked out to be 100% sure.

bimsport 08-18-2007 12:16 PM

I have this noise too on my e46 coupe, only happens sometimes when I shift from 1st to 2nd gear. is this driveshaft related too?

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