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Oz_Racing 01-20-2007 08:38 AM

Goooo Bimmersport
Thx boys for coming through once again.... sik ass prices and great work.... i love the fact that i can park my car now :D... next remote starter lol...
thx guys for a job well done, will be back in about a month and i'll have something else to get done *wiggle* ...other then that I forgot the guys name you said was selling his car Charlie...
see you soon boys maybe with another car this time :D

Jon@Bimmersport 01-20-2007 08:53 PM

Glad your happy Oz! By the way, if you need a remote starter Dan ($500bimmer) sells them, they work amazing...its the same one Charlie has on his E30.

Boots R 01-20-2007 09:49 PM

Dan also sold my friend an Alarm/Remote starter, and she loves it! +1 for dan, and +1 for Charlie/Jon.

JMW 01-20-2007 11:09 PM

go bimmersport./..ya

$500bimmer 01-21-2007 08:52 PM

thanks for the props guys......A+ for the one stop shop!

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