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SickFinga 12-12-2002 09:10 PM

Color Change Photoshopping.
was bored and decided to change color to Artic Silver on this car, but I couldn't, but I did some other colors, what do you think.
Original car(sorry V.B. for using your car:D)

SickFinga 12-12-2002 09:11 PM

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SickFinga 12-12-2002 09:13 PM

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SickFinga 12-12-2002 09:14 PM

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SickFinga 12-12-2002 09:15 PM

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WASABI 12-12-2002 09:17 PM

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vlad, can you change the color of my car to alpine white, please and thanks.

Slowered318 12-12-2002 09:32 PM

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number 4 looks the best IMO

hey do you think you could change mine to that purple or tell me how do do it? i've always wondered what it would look like.

SickFinga 12-12-2002 10:01 PM

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something like this???...

SickFinga 12-12-2002 10:12 PM

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steel grey??

SickFinga 12-12-2002 10:14 PM

Slowered318, it is pretty easy, just select the part you wanna paint in photoshop and then play with colors, to get same effect, you need a better picture, plus it should be metallic color

WASABI 12-12-2002 10:27 PM


Originally posted by SickFinga
steel grey??
thanks vlad !

omg ... I like the steel gray *mw* *love*

the white is nice too, what do you guys think?

Jon@Bimmersport 12-12-2002 10:29 PM


Originally posted by WASABI

thanks vlad !

omg ... I like the steel gray *mw* *mw* *mw* *love*

what do you guys think?

steel grey looks awesome, it'd look nice with some silver wheels!! :D :D

FastM3 12-13-2002 02:27 AM

you guys make it seem so easy...damn i can't do it...toomany things to select and deselect...AGGHH :mad:

Pedro91'318i 12-13-2002 02:44 AM

Steel grey kicks ass.*th-up* i want ohotoshop*mumble*

MP525i 12-13-2002 10:21 AM

Hey you do a really great job. Do you think you could do mine in Avus Blue? If I get some money saved up I might want to go through with it. Thanks!!!!!

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