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vegabass 12-15-2006 08:19 PM

What do you consider a high end sub?
What are the highend subs on the market right now and what makes them so good? Also if you had to rank the best subs that were made, which ones would you pick?

paul christians 12-15-2006 08:26 PM

what is your buget?? is there is some too..

vegabass 12-15-2006 08:58 PM


Originally Posted by paul christians
what is your buget?? is there is some too..

its for a friend, he has not told me what his budget is, but thats why i am just tryin to get a feel of what people find are good drivers on the market. I have been hearing about focal, Image Dynamics, Jl. But they seem to be all big market names. Is there a palce where you can check out these drives paul?

paul christians 12-16-2006 05:25 PM

go to their web site and look for a dealer near you....

Skeezix 12-17-2006 12:58 AM

Is he lookin' for new or used? I have an MB Quart PWE-304 12inch 600rms sub for sale in an 1.39 cubic foot square box made of 1in MDF. Sounds really good, hits the kick drum hard and digs nice and deep. Asking $300 if interested.

vegabass 12-17-2006 03:14 AM


Originally Posted by Skeezix
Is he lookin' for new or used? I have an MB Quart PWE-304 12inch 600rms sub for sale in an 1.39 cubic foot square box made of 1in MDF. Sounds really good, hits the kick drum hard and digs nice and deep. Asking $300 if interested.

I can ask this guy, but so just incase he askes, how would compare it to say the
three major name brands - Image dynamics, JL, Focal?

AceOfSpades 12-17-2006 08:21 PM

i'd go with kickers or alpines
Sony sucks, JL was ok

Skeezix 12-18-2006 12:36 AM

I wouldn't really say those 3 would be the 'big 3' cuz there's so much to choose from really. JL, Image Dynamics, AVI, Rockford Fosgate, Kicker, and many more all have their good subs. I can't say which one's are best, but I can tell you from owning JL Audio, AVI, and MB Quart that I've liked them all and all pretty much did want I wanted them to do with the right enclosure, hit hard and dig low.
I would personally keep my MB Quart but I'm going to a 15inch so I won't have a need for it. The PWE-304 requires a lot of power. So if your friend just wants a little extra bass to add to his system without a big amp, I wouldn't recommend this sub. If he wants it good and loud with good all around SQ type bass and has a big amp, then this'll do nicely.

Paul might know better too.

paul christians 12-18-2006 07:36 PM

there is so mmany out there,but it is what sound good to you at the end,I am running JL 10w04s x2 right now,in the past I have Boston's,MTXs,old Kicker and AVI and I to like them all just the sound was diffrent.......DLS,MASS,Genesis,JBL9gti) and more....for an expale MASS is like 2 that is why I have asked your buget is.......

SpoolinS6 12-18-2006 07:39 PM

Pioneer PREMIER Series High High End Subs
Mine are The SPL compition ones :)

paul christians 12-18-2006 07:47 PM

^^there ok man,but there is better out there......but you have pay to play......but at the end you like them....

SpoolinS6 12-19-2006 03:49 AM

they is better but for my box alone i spent 700 on it plus tax thats 8 bills out the door theyre ****ing amazing time to crank up the bass for the summer bigger amp etc
i hope u know premier is one thing and pioneer is another eh !

SpoolinS6 12-19-2006 03:52 AM

these are my bad boys i totaly love them theyre off the hook they are way more than i expected i can feed 1500 watts into them no problem and im talking RMS also ....,00.html

tominizer 12-19-2006 03:05 PM

Wide open topic here. Anyways, I've played around with a lot of subs and various level of power, expensive and inexpensive stuff. And there's a lot of SHIT banged around in the car audio community....... flavour of the day and so on and so forth. So a few points.

Most importantly is that you MUST have the right sized enclosure for the driver to work properly as spec'd. You CANNOT take a high end sub or an Sq sub and toss it in a pre-made box and expect it to sound awesome. If you do that, you are a moron. To get the right box designed, you're likely going to have to pay for that design work. Most good designers use the TS driver parameters and enter it on software called LEAP.

Then, you'll need someone competent to have the box built properly.

Product. My favourite SQ sub is the Image Dynamics IDQ. It's not the most expensive, it's not the loudest and it's not the prettiest to look at........... but it's still the best sounding sub on the market for SQ for what you pay.......... for double or triple that amount you still can not beat it's performance. It's that good. No one I know that is serious about sound quality that owns one and has installed it properly has EVER complained.

vegabass 12-19-2006 03:20 PM

thanks guys for the input. I told him to first determine what he wants, and he wants more SQ (mainly for his dad), but every once in a while you know how us kids are, just want to impress that chick and set off the car alarm next to us. Thats why i am having a hard time suggesting what to get. Its getting to the point where i am telling him to go SONY XPLODES :D cause i cant figure it out. The subs i have seen at least on the market are either loud or for SQ, not both.

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