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90E30i 11-23-2006 12:39 PM

M20 Twin Turbo
I'm selling my custom twin turbo set up, It comes pretty much with everything except for a few parts like the intercooler and blow off valve, wastgate.

Two IHI VF 13 turbocharger ( No shaft play what so ever, very good condition)
Custom TT exhaust manifold made from 409L SS
Custom 2 inch down pipes.
Complete 2 inch dual exhaust.
Complete intercooler pluming made out of 2.5 inch manderal bent pipes.
Welded adaptor on the IC pipe for a Greddy BOV.
Vortech 12:1 FMU
M30 MAF (straight plug in)
Ford motorsports 300cc injectors

what the kit does not include, so you need to buy these parts to complete it

46mm external wastgate
Greddy type S or type RS BOV
Couplers for the IC piping
Pluming for the oil lines

I might sell the kit complete and ready to bolt in for the right price.
Send PM or email at

With the right tuning the kit is good for about 300whp. At 9psi I ran a 13.9 @ 104 mph.
The reason I'm selling the kit is I'm switching to a singal setup.

90E30i 11-23-2006 12:42 PM

Also up for sale is an


M20 equal lenght turbo manifold made for 304 SS piping with 1/2 inch flanges with a T3 flange.

90E30i 11-23-2006 01:04 PM

The price for the VAFC is $200.00 or best offer
Turbo manifold is $400.00 or best offer

90E30i 11-23-2006 04:01 PM

4 Attachment(s)
here are a few pictures of the turbo setup and the parts.

90E30i 11-23-2006 04:03 PM

4 Attachment(s)
M20 turbo manifold and VAFC

BMW325BMW 11-24-2006 01:01 AM

V-Tec controller in a BMW? :confused: What price range are you looking at for that kit, and does it come with the head and intake manifold too?

90E30i 11-24-2006 10:30 AM

PM me for the price if you are intrested.
It does NOT come with the head or intake manifold.
And yeah, VAFC in an E30 :D , It give me some tuning ability especially for in idle with 300cc injectors.

Stuttgart 11-25-2006 02:33 PM

give us a ball park range on the complete set up for the turbo??

90E30i 11-27-2006 11:19 AM


Stuttgart give us a ball park range on the complete set up for the turbo??
Asking price for the partial setup is $1500 canadian and for the complete setup $2200 canadian.
Since I am switching to a single turbo I will not have a need for most of these parts so I am flexable on the price, no reasonable offer will be refused.

LEGEND 02-05-2007 01:35 AM

BUMP for a good setup

T.Dot_E30 02-05-2007 10:31 AM

is that price installed :D

harris 02-05-2007 01:18 PM

nice price... which i had the money i would have taken it....good luck on the sale....

LEGEND 02-05-2007 01:25 PM

I'm sure he could work something out for the install if you are serious about buying it.

Alex Dee 02-05-2007 01:31 PM

Thats Serious!!!!!!

Aveman 02-05-2007 02:21 PM

This is a solid kit, the car pulls HARD with it. I sold my car and bought a e30 to turbo after being in this car. :cool: I'm sure he could work out a good price installed. You'd be in STI/350z category with this kit installed, at 8 psi. With good engine management you could bump it up a few more psi. *th-up*

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