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omid 11-10-2006 01:53 AM

girl has an accident in the pool. *VID*

Boots R 11-10-2006 09:33 AM


wow, disturbing. i've never been so disgusted in my life.

Proliphic 11-10-2006 10:41 AM

guess it took to long ???? lol :puke:

Blades 11-10-2006 10:54 AM

aww thats gross:puke:

Axxe 11-10-2006 11:26 AM

Bwahahahahahahahhahahaha. The look on her face before was indicative of her desire to squeeze off a whole army!!

Quack 11-10-2006 11:41 AM

that is so wrong on so many levels

Understated 11-10-2006 03:53 PM

i hope to GOD thats fake

AMG_POWER 11-10-2006 04:27 PM

RULE: Affective as of November 21, 2005

Please limit the videos and/or sound clips to be automotive related. All other links to unrelated topics will be deleted. Any posted link to pornographic/tasteless material will be deleted and user may result in banning. Try to keep all off-topic material in the Off-topic section.

BMWags 11-10-2006 04:46 PM


OMG thats brrrutal!

biotek 11-10-2006 06:17 PM

holy shit is right lol

Blades 11-10-2006 10:29 PM

something about it looks fake .. looks digitalized and the spread in the water was super fast.

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