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JMW 11-07-2006 07:40 PM

Finally my M3 got blown!
Like I said in the feedback section, Bimmersport just finished installing the VF Stage 1 kit on my E36 M3. The RMS and my kit is similar, but this kit is better than the AA kit for sure. The best part of the kit, is that it is upgradable unlike the AA kit. I also like the fact my supercharger is polished, it makes my engine bay look so sexxy now and the sound is jus I keep a tissue box beside me, for everytime I rip it to wipe up the mess *shiner*.

SickFinga 11-07-2006 08:04 PM

dynod it yet? Wonder what kit puts down more HP, AA or VF

Boots R 11-07-2006 08:08 PM

Hurrah for Neil!

*no-no* now you can stop asking me if it's fast, and actually try it... after you hand the keys to me for an hour, of course :D

JMW 11-07-2006 08:15 PM

ill dyno it in the spring time..right now im just gunna enjoy it before snow comes....
it winnessssss lol

Sa///M3 11-07-2006 08:27 PM

Congrats Neil!

If you don't mind me asking, how much did you end up paying in total in the end?

JMW 11-07-2006 08:56 PM

gootta get final numbers..but ill calculate it and tell ya man

SickFinga 11-07-2006 09:08 PM

Go Dyno!!!!!!!!

Gamite 11-07-2006 09:13 PM

go dyno it, its warm this week.

JMW 11-07-2006 11:44 PM

no way i wanna drive it!
dyno in sprinngg

SickFinga 11-07-2006 11:48 PM


Originally Posted by Pure GQ
no way i wanna drive it!
dyno in sprinngg

you can drive it to the dyno, and then back

JMW 11-07-2006 11:49 PM

haha thats much dyno run?? like 3 for 75$?

Sa///M3 11-07-2006 11:53 PM

Drive that beast while you can man!

SickFinga 11-07-2006 11:58 PM


Originally Posted by Pure GQ
haha thats much dyno run?? like 3 for 75$?

60 bucks I think

thinair 11-08-2006 12:11 AM

Dyno, more power while it's colder anyway :P

Furious 11-08-2006 01:04 AM

congrats dude. im interested in the numbers too should be nice.

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